KERASTRAIGHT brazillian blowdry £130 instead of £200



  DO YOU HAVE FRIZZY, DAMAGED ,UNMANAGEABLE, CURLY ,UNRULY HAIR? Well kerastaight is the right option for you and is now on OFFER for just £130 with a normal price of £200.
Come to our salon DnK 89 Church Road BN3 2BB and spend 2-4 hours transforming your hair to a much more manageable state, making hair shiny and frizz free .
Just ring 01273 772137 and ask to speak to Emily, one of DnK’s stylists who has been with us for 4 years, and has done over 300 kerastaights.
This offer of £130 includes everything you need, 1bottle of shampoo and conditioner which is needed to maintain the treatment. The price also includes the soloution which is used during the treatment, however depending on thickness and length of hair there may be an additional charge of £15 per bottle used after the first 2 bottles .(normally treatments use NO more than 2 bottles)
The treatment lasts up to 4 months and as an added bonus the treatment is washed off on the same day so that your hair is not left greasy (unlike other brands)
Any questions, just ring 01273 772137 and ask emily who will be happy to give you any extra information you may require!

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