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We have 4 options to enable you to create additional Quacks and/or put your Quack in the limelight by making it a featured Promotion.

Option 1 – 1 Month Single Featured Quack £5.00 – Offer 3 Months for £5.00

This will put your Quack on the Featured list for One month – We are currently running a promotion on this option and you will get 3 Month for the price of one. Yes that’s 3 months on the featured list for only £5.00

Option 2 – 1 Year Single Featured Quack £48.00 – Offer reduced to £19.00

This will put your Quack on the Featured list for one year – You can change your Quack at any time just let us know.

Option 3 – 1 Year Single Additional Concurrent Quack £9.00 – Offer get 3 Additional Quacks

This will allow you to create an additional concurrent Quack so you can run more than one Quack at a time, just buy more of these for more Quacks.

Option 4 – 1 Year PRO – Single Featured Quack and 10 Additional Concurrent Quacks £59.00- Offer Get 2 x Featured Quacks and also reduced to £29.00!

This option gives you a featured Quack for one year and you can also submit 9 other normal Quacks, you can rotate your featured Quack between your other 9 Quacks. Account privileges will also be upgraded so you can create, edit and delete your own Quacks without submitting for review.
Please note your advert(s) will still have to abide by the rules outlined here.. (Except where the Service Upgrade overrides).

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