Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

www.QuackingDeal.com is owned and managed by GreenBurke. We are a privately owned company and not a limited company.

No data from this website may not be used for Telesales, Mailshots or any other commercial use without written permission from GreenBurke.


“Us” = GreenBurke

“You” = The account holder. The named contact and person responsible for the running of the account.

“Account” = Your account, which comprises of your name and other contact details, your business details and the content for your pages.

“Conditions” = The contents of this entire page.

“Website” = www.QuackingDeal.com

Account Conditions

If you wish to create an account with QuackingDeal.com must agree and abide by the following conditions:

  • The type of business you conduct is fair and honest
  • The material on the business pages and any external links are not offensive or demeaning, and are suitable for anyone to view.
  • All Quack’s (Posts) may take up to 1 week before approval, though changes made by you at a later date are instant. We will try to approve Quacks (Posts) as soon as we can.
  • You agree with all the Conditions stated in this page.
  • QuackingDeal is not responsible for any negative comments your promotion may receive as you must accept that you may receive negative comments on this website. If your promotion is good all you should receive is positive comments.


Page Conditions

Any pages created through QuakingDeal

  • Images and links can be added in any part of the page but must meet the Conditions stated in this page (links to our site from other sources are appreciated, but are not compulsory).
  • You adhere to the account conditions (see above).

Page Content

  • The website, domains and the account facility are owned by GreenBurke
  • All details shown must not infringe copyright. Images must be in the public domain or owned by you or have proof of consent of the copyright holder.
  • You agree to allow your content including the copyright data on our web sites.
  • We retain the right not to display them with your packages and will remove them without warning at our discretion.
  • We retain the right to re-publish your post on other websites. E.G. Twitter and Facebook

Breaching these Conditions

Anyone in breach of these conditions will find the pages and entire account will be disabled or removed.

  • Your account may be disabled by us without warning.
  • A warning may be given (through the internal messaging system) but not in every situation.


We have had experiences with other directory and marketing companies who go through our latest listings and collate your details and may try to contact you. They try to sell their own advertisements and they have nothing to do with us.

Please be also aware, they have implied to be part of another organisation, particularly charities, and encourage people into spending money to help these organisations.

About the Author

Quacking Deal is an online directory of business promotions and has been created to assist small UK businesses advertise their business promotions for free online.